Elevator Program

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Elevator is the 6-month program designed to support promising entrepreneurs and accelerate their growth. Selected entrepreneurs will receive the exclusive support offered by Endeavor and will be given the opportunity to experience what it means to be part of this international network of founders.

    Value-adding Mentorships
    • Matching each Entrepreneur with Endeavor Mentors and Investors to get strategic feedback

    • Monthly mentorship sessions with clear objectives and action points

    • 1 round table with CEOs from top Endeavor Entrepreneurs moderated by one of Endeavor Italy's Board Member

    • 1 workshop held by an international Business Coach and Strategic Advisor on OKRs and Agile Methodology

    • 1 workshop with CHROs from top Endeavor Italy scaleups

    • 1 workshop with CFOs from top Endeavor Italy scaleups

    • 1 workshop with CTOs from top Endeavor Italy scaleups

    • 1 workshop held by a coaching company on managing pressure

    • 1 Investor Day, where participants will have the opportunity to receive neutral feedbacks concerning their fundraising strategy, pitch, and deck from members of the international Endeavor Investor Network

    • Continuous support and introductions with VCs, Family Offices, banks and investors for the whole duration of the program

    Free consultancy
    • Possibility of having a free consultancy slot with our partners to be used before the end of the program on topics such as Tax & Legal, Strategy, BP, …

    • 1 exclusive Sunset Party with all the Endeavor Entrepreneurs, Endeavor Mentors, Endeavor Board Members in September

"Endeavor è il network internazionale di imprenditori più stimolante che abbia mai avuto l'occasione di conoscere. Quando entri in Elevator ti rendi conto subito che è costruito da imprenditori per imprenditori."

Mauro Germani
Soplaya, CEO & Co-Founder

Elevator 2024

Daniele Panfilo

Aindo is one of the first teams dedicated to synthetic data. Their mission is to enable Artificial Intelligence (AI) to add value to society while respecting people's rights and freedoms.

Lorenzo Feruglio - Giorgio Albano

AIKO research-centered, innovative and futuristic mission is clear: developing algorithms infused with Artificial Intelligence, to increase the autonomy of current space missions.

Giordano Bottà - Paolo di Domenico 

Allelica is a software company democratizing access to clinical-grade Polygenic Risk Score. They have developed a Software as a Service to allow clinical genetics labs to perform Polygenic Risk Score analysis

Andrea Tesei - Lorenzo de Mattei

Aptus.AI is shaping knowledge, by making legal information digitally accessible. They optimize compliance to transform it into a competitive advantage, using AI to create a machine readable version of legal documents.

Giovanni Pizza - Fabrizio Pinci

At BonusX wants to simplify the world of public and tax benefits starting with Italy. Over 90% of families miss out on the benefits they are entitled to due to the sheer complexity of information and bureaucracy.

Francesco Marino - Simone Tornabene - Matteo Roversi 

Cosmico matches organizations’ jobs with talent’s skills, bringing each one closer to the other, accelerating the world’s transition to a new way of working.

Marco Bezzi - Marco Baricevic - Alex Giorgi - Omar Odino

Kleecks is an innovative SaaS platform that optimises performance marketing activities, improves website health and speed in real-time.

Luca Emili

Their mission is to hyper-accelerate drug and medical device development leveraging top notch technology like Modeling and Simulation and Artificial Intelligence.

Marco Tricarico - Francesco Laffi - Redi Vyshka

Switcho is a customer-oriented utilities switch and subscription management service. It aims to be the leading switching services provider, helping users save time and money on expense management.

Francesco Tajarol - Piero Degasperi - Filippo Veglia - Artyom Golodnov

Innovative automotive supplier, that redefines global standards with insulated wire for electric motors, reducing carbon footprint 

Andrea D’Aietti - Emanuele Barban

Underdogs is a one-stop-shop hub that operates through a group of software and consultancy companies in the marketing, advertising, and technology industries.

Simone Martinelli - Chris Tarnawski

Volume is a London-based payments startup on a mission to kill the hidden fees on the Internet for both consumers and merchants alike.

Elevator 2023

Fabrizio Martini 

Electra Vehicles is an industry leader in AI software for improved battery lifetime, range, and safety.

Matteo Fabbrini - Chiara Gava - Alessio Polo -Francesco Poloniato

FABA aims at becoming the reference brand in the edutainment market by promoting the union between smart toys and dedicated editorial audio content for children from 0 to 10 years old.

Matteo Maruzzi - Denis Moretti - Simone Matrone - Piergiuseppe Isonni

Bikeroom is a B2C e-commerce platform for new and refurbished high-end bicycles.

Andrea Daminelli - Giacomo Zenoni

Making daily charging of EVs comfortable, simple and smart. This is the mission since 2016 of DazeTechnology, the first company in the world marketing an automatic conductive charging system: DazePlug.

Matteo Musa - Damiano Rossi - Gianluca Mozzillo - Laura Carpintieri

Fitprime has a focus on B2B, by attracting corporates
and becoming a provider of wellbeing programs for their employees.

Matteo Masserdotti - Pedro Salvi 

Viceversa is a powerful growth platform that boosts businesses at the pace they want with equity-free investments and data-driven insights. 

Luca Rodella - Tommaso Centonze - Eugenio Bancaro 

Smartpricing is a Revenue Management System that has been developed to grow the revenue of your Hotel


Ciro Di Lanno - Martina Capriotti 

Mirta is a digital showroom that curates contemporary brands and connects high-end local brands with international curators, allowing them to bring high quality handmade pieces to their communities.

Francesco Nazari Fusetti

With hundreds of activities in nature, guided city tours, private parties, aperitivo times in the city and much more, our 370 experienced local guides and Meeters ambassadors deliver unforgettable experiences!

Arturo Casale - Pierluigi Giraudi - Alessandro Della Nina - Jacopo Zucchi

L'Orto di Jack (ODJ) is the first omnichannel (B2B, B2C, Retail) and digitally enabled player specialized in
the fruit and vegetables distribution segment.

Paolo Andreozzi - Angelo Sergio Zamboni

Jobtech is changing the world of work through a smart, simple and transparent service. Thanks to a specialisation on precise core profiles, its own technology and a team who know how to shape talent.

Andrea Chirolli - Lorenzo Pinto - Francesco Salvatore

Futura makes high quality education accessible to everyone. The AI-based platform optimizes study time and test scores by learning from your past mistakes.

Ivan Aimo - Luca Calia - Gabriele Angeleri

Deliveristo is the B2B Foodtech marketplace that connects Ho.Re.Ca. with suppliers

Elevator 2022

Francesco De Stefano - Jacopo Gervasini 

Caracol was born from the idea of pushing the limits of AM, beyond what was possible. The team brought that idea to life, evolving the possibilities of Additive Manufacturing on scale, shape, and materials.

Danila De Stefano - Gregorio Maria Diodovich

Unobravo is an online therapy service that connects each user to the psychologist who best suits his/her needs.

Nicolò Petrone - Alberto Marchetti - Mohamed Younes

The platform connects pharmacies, to provide users with the possibility to choose from a catalogue of health products at the best price and receive them directly at home via the delivery service.

Mauro Germani - Giancarlo Cesarin - Ivan Litsvinenka

Soplaya connects chefs and farmers directly through a sustainable, diverse, and efficient B2B food supply service

Gabriele Montelisciani - Daniele Mazzei - Giacomo Baldi

Zerynth helps companies easily get their industrial processes digitized and bring innovative connected products to the world.

Andrea Ferrero - Alexandru Stefano Gheban

Young Platform is a FinTech startup based in Turin that aims to become a smart digital bank natively focused on new digital services.

Andrea Gilberti - Elia Calissi - Yuri Sabadini

Matchplat helps every business explore new markets to identify customers, suppliers, distributors and partners in line with its needs.

Giovanni Cavallo 

Macai redefines and shapes the next decade of the industry by building the grocery delivery service of the future, in a different way.

Stefano Brigli - Daniele Arduini - Marco Alba - Enrico Berto

Kampaay is the solution that facilitates the management and organisation of events through a digital tool based on corporate strategy.

Matteo Vanotti - Matteo Cunial

xFarm Technologies is a tech company focused on the digitisation of the agri-food sector, providing innovative tools that can support farmers and stakeholders in the management of their businesses.