Unobravo enters the Endeavor Network

Endeavor selected 19 entrepreneurs leading eight companies at the 95th International Selection Panel (ISP) held November 19-21, 2022, in São Paulo, Brazil. São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, is also the beating heart of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, providing the perfect backdrop to three days of high-impact gatherings.

Endeavor now supports 2,388 entrepreneurs leading 1,477 companies in 41 markets around the world.


Entrepreneurs: Danila De Stefano & Gregorio Maria Diodvich
Vertical: Healthcare

Unobravo is an online therapy service, founded in Italy in 2019, that aims to solve the widespread problems facing mental health care. Unobravo was created to support Italian expats by providing affordable therapy without language barriers, but it quickly evolved to provide quality online therapy for all, regardless of nationality. Today, the company has become an established service for online therapy in Italy and is poised to become a major player in the European market, with more than 2.3K active psychologists on the platform, more than 60K patients, and its recent launch in the Spanish market. After bootstrapping the company from $0 to $15M net ARR in less than three years, in July 2022, UnoBravo secured a $17M round led by Insight Partners, the VC’s first investment in the Italian ecosystem.

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